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I want to know my property’s value.

Up-to-date – market-conform – realistic, yet optimised

Do you want to achieve the best possible price for your property? The serious, market-conform appraisal of your property is the most important basis to ensure that it is sold quickly and seamlessly. But how do you obtain an appraisal in line with market conditions and what about free appraisals? Find out more here.

Free appraisals
Almost every real estate agent offers a free appraisal of your property as an exclusive service. Agents usually use professional assessment tools (i.e. WUPNET, Fahrländer or IAZI) to do so. However, these assessment tools can be manipulated and are only as good as the user. Euphoric appraisals can lead to a broker mandate because the property owner is impressed by the high sales price. But all too often reality creeps in quickly. One struggles to keep up with the market by adjusting the price. Most free appraisals are a far cry from bank-financing reality.

How is our service different?
We offer you a bank-approved appraisal. A professional  appraisal of your property can only be made by an independent real estate appraiser or architect with a federal certification. It is self-understood that we will assume the costs of up to CHF 3,000.00 for you. The background:
The appraisal in accordance with bank criteria is the basis that banks require to finance a buyer. No financing generally also means that the property is ultimately not sold!
The buyer – usually – goes to a bank. If the purchase price and the bank valuation are about the same, financing will be granted, which allows the property to be sold. There is also  limited financial scope to sell a property in an optimal way. We would be happy to explain the details to you.


Our 360° Park Immobilien services:

  • Bank-approved appraisal – we assume the costs (hedonic valuation, new construction value, yield calculation, etc.)
  • Inclusion of plot reserves = added value
  • Inclusion of real estate gains taxation
  • Reduction of real estate gains tax through replacement purchase and maximisation of the margin scheme
  • Fixed mortgage transfer (avoidance of penalties)
  • Renovation concepts with cost calculation by our architect, free of charge
  • Home staging (in the case of new buildings or vacancies)


Thanks to the many years of experience of our staff members, we are familiar with the local market situation. Based on a combination of our expert know-how and the data from the specialist analysis by the certified appraiser, we are able to pinpoint the market price. The goal is to sell your property quickly and successfully.

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