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Whether you want so sell a villa or buy a condominium – the right real estate agent is the prerequisite to ensure that your purchase, sale or rent is well prepared and you are able to relax. But how to find the right agent? What is important? Here are some tips:

Does the agent have local experience? No one wants to pay too much or receive too little for a property. An experienced professional agent should have at least 10 years of regional expertise.

Sales rate
The most impressive window displays and portal presences serve no purpose if the property remains unsold for months. Explicitly ask how long the agent requires to sell a property on average. A quick sales rate testifies to market know-how and experience.

Marketing know-how
A serious agent examines whether the property has to be renovated prior to a sale. It is unprofessional to discourage potential buyers just because no one thought of repainting the 30-year old double garage.

A lot of employees and large window displays do not determine the quality of the real estate agent’s office. Make sure that your agent is a member of an acknowledged association, such as the Swiss Real Estate Association SVIT.

Free appraisals (appraisals not approved by Swiss banks)
Anyone can offer these. Appraisals via assessment tools (e.g. WUPNET, Fahrländer or IAZI) are only as good as the user. A federally certified appraiser uses these tools more profoundly.

Agents with only little experience may offer the property owner a high initial sales price in order to gain their approval (by means of manipulable assessment tools) and to obtain the broker mandate. Reality then teaches customers a different lesson after 6 months.

Appraisals approved by banks
These appraisers require a federal certification. “Official” appraisers charge approximately between CHF 1500 to CHF 3000 per property. These costs are included in our service.

Sales premises
Does the sales premises reflect the high level of the property you are looking to sell?

Whether property purchase, sale or rent: real estate business is and always will be a personal matter. The chemistry between you and your agent has to be right.

Let us get to know each other – we look forward to meeting you!


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