Real Estate Successes - Sales Rate

The success of a real estate agent is not only measured in terms of the number of properties sold, but also the time required to successfully sell your property – the SALES RATE.

11 WEEKS is what we currently require on average to sell a property!

Have you had an unsold property on the market for a longer period of time? Our professional, DISCRETE analysis for a quicker sale is at your disposal!


Real Estate Successes 2020

5.5-room single family home in dream location with panoramic view of lake Zurich
8942 Oberrieden


334 m2 Country House in Quiet Lakeside Location
6343 Buonas


Exclusiv 5.5 room luxury apartment with 188 sqm living space
6340 Baar

Sold within 1 week

Helle, grosszügige 188 m² - 5.5-Zimmer-Attika
8855 Wangen SZ


Liebhaber-Objekt mit 663 m² Land in der Kernzone
8915 Hausen am Albis


5.5-Zimmer-Wohnung in ruhigem Wohnquartier in der Stadt Zug
6300 Zug

Verkauft innert 2 Wochen

Moderne Wohnoase mitten in Sins, mit sensationeller Weitsicht
5643 Sins

Verkauft innert 5 Wochen

997 m² Bauland an einmaliger, unverbauter Aussichtslage
5426 Lengnau


6405 Immensee

Verkauft innert 1 Woche

5-Fam-Terrassenhaus an herrlicher Seesichtslage
Kanton Schwyz


Laden-/Bürofläche mit Lagerraum an zentraler Lage
6343 Rotkreuz