Real Estate Successes - Sales Rate

The success of a real estate agent is not only measured in terms of the number of properties sold, but also the time required to successfully sell your property – the SALES RATE.

11 WEEKS is what we currently require on average to sell a property!

Have you had an unsold property on the market for a longer period of time? Our professional, DISCRETE analysis for a quicker sale is at your disposal!


Real Estate Successes 2018

6.5-room terrace apartment on 1st floor - incl. conservatory

2019: Sold within 5 weeks

226 m² Family home in quiet location with lake views

2019: Sold within 7 weeks

170 m² City Office in the centre of Zug

2018: Sold within 4 months

3.5-room city apartment in the city centre of Zug

2018: Sold within 8 weeks Seller reference

A real gem – sophisticated living with panorama views

2018: Sold within 2 months

8-room single family house incl. 2½-room granny flat

2018: Sold

5.5-room house in an elevated south facing position

2018: Sold within 3 months

198 m2 attic bijou with a 250 m2 lake view terrace

2018: Sold

4.5-room apartment with panoramic lake view

Sold within 3 months

80 m2 City-Apartment neben PARK HOTEL
6300 Zug

Verkauft innert 14 Wochen

2.5-Zimmer-City-Apartment mitten in der Stadt Zug
6300 Zug

Verkauft innert 14 Wochen

6.5-room single family on large block of land

Sold within 3 weeks