Real Estate Successes - Sales Rate

The success of a real estate agent is not only measured in terms of the number of properties sold, but also the time required to successfully sell your property – the SALES RATE.

11 WEEKS is what we currently require on average to sell a property!

Have you had an unsold property on the market for a longer period of time? Our professional, DISCRETE analysis for a quicker sale is at your disposal!


Real Estate Successes 2019

Luxuriöse 487 m² Villa am See mit Indoor Pool
6315 Oberägeri


4.5-Zimmer-Reiheneckhaus an hervorragender Lage
6330 Cham


Luxuriöse Gartenwohnung in 2-Fam-Haus mit Privatsphäre
6343 Risch