Free appraisal vs. appraisal by federally certified specialists

I want to know my property’s value.

Up-to-date – market-con­form – rea­listic, yet opti­mi­sed
Do you want to achieve the best pos­si­ble price for your pro­perty? The serious, market-con­form app­rai­sal of your pro­perty is the most important basis to ensure that it is sold quickly and seam­lessly. But how do you obtain an app­rai­sal in line with market con­di­ti­ons and what about free app­raisals? Find out more here.

Free app­raisals

Almost every real estate agent offers a free app­rai­sal of your pro­perty as an exclu­sive ser­vice. Agents usually use pro­fes­sio­nal assess­ment tools (i.e. WUPNET, Fahr­län­der or IAZI) to do so. Howe­ver, these assess­ment tools can be mani­pu­la­ted and are only as good as the user. Eupho­ric app­raisals can lead to a broker man­date because the pro­perty owner is impres­sed by the high sales price. But all too often rea­lity creeps in quickly. One strug­gles to keep up with the market by adjus­ting the price. Most free app­raisals are a far cry from bank-finan­cing rea­lity.

How is our ser­vice dif­fe­rent?

We offer you a bank-appro­ved app­rai­sal. A pro­fes­sio­nal app­rai­sal of your pro­perty can only be made by an inde­pen­dent real estate app­rai­ser or archi­tect with a federal cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. It is self-unders­tood that we will assume the costs of up to CHF 3,000.00 for you. 

The back­ground:
The app­rai­sal in accordance with bank cri­te­ria is the basis that banks require to finance a buyer. No finan­cing gene­rally also means that the pro­perty is ulti­mately not sold!

The buyer – usually – goes to a bank. If the purchase price and the bank valua­tion are about the same, finan­cing will be gran­ted, which allows the pro­perty to be sold. There is also limi­ted finan­cial scope to sell a pro­perty in an opti­mal way. We would be happy to exp­lain the details to you.

Our 360° Park Immo­bi­lien services:

  • Bank-appro­ved app­rai­sal – we assume the costs (hedo­nic valua­tion, new con­struc­tion value, yield cal­cu­la­tion, etc.)
  • Inclu­sion of plot reser­ves = added value
  • Inclu­sion of real estate gains taxation
  • Reduc­tion of real estate gains tax through repla­ce­ment purchase and maxi­mi­sa­tion of the margin scheme
  • Fixed mor­tgage trans­fer (avo­id­ance of penalties)
  • Reno­va­tion con­cepts with cost cal­cu­la­tion by our archi­tect, free of charge
  • Home sta­ging (in the case of new buil­dings or vacancies)

Thanks to the many years of expe­ri­ence of our staff mem­bers, we are fami­liar with the local market situa­tion. Based on a com­bi­na­tion of our expert know-how and the data from the spe­cia­list ana­ly­sis by the cer­ti­fied app­rai­ser, we are able to pin­point the market price. The goal is to sell your pro­perty quickly and successfully.